Online Programming 5/18-5/29

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Our staff is working hard to provide you with a Buhl Club experience at home! Videos will be posted on our facebook page and YouTube channel daily and can be viewed anytime!

9:00am Morning Message from Krista
10:30am Workout with Krista
1:00 Story time with a staff member
3:00 Throwback Chair Exercises

9:00am Morning Message from Juanita
10:30am Fall Prevention Education and Drills with Krista
11:30am Fitness with Ben
3:00pm Gymnastics with Kayla

9:00am Morning Message from Group Fitness
10:30am Yoga tips with Kris
1:00pm Story time with a staff member
3:00pm Dance with Courtney

9:00am Morning Message from Michelle
10:30am Tabata with Carrie
1:00pm Parkinson's Class with Krista
3:00pm Throwback Fitness Video

9:00am Weight Training with Casie
10:30am Wellness with Ben
1:00pm Message from Jason
3:00pm STEAM with Kayla

Look for pop up exercise and wellness programs on the weekends!